LE PITCH #3 – Storytelling when you are IN the story, Influence of virtual reality on contents

Fri, 09 Oct 2015 18:40 - 21:00 JST

Orange Labs Tokyo

〒160-0022 東京都新宿区新宿3丁目1−13 京王新宿追分ビル


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LE PITCH #3 – Storytelling when you are IN the story, Influence of virtual reality on contents (HMD)

Picture of the speakers and Attendees.

In Short:
It's easier to make 3d contents, Game engines are creating new standards.
Head Mounted display (HMD) are more and more in use in different field.
I would like to speak about a direct consequence of those new product spreading out.
-What will we see, what will be the trend?
-What will be the new issues
-How will we be able to tell a story with those new tools.

In Long:

Presentations will be followed by a Q&A session.


  • Scott Harper from FOVE
  • Jean Lorchat, Country Manager at Lumiscaphe
  • Kazuki Kizawa Research Engineer at Jibemobile
  • Some Infos about OCUJAM
  • we will speak a little of Janut

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Attendees: 50 persons
Date: October 09 (Fri)
Venue: Orange Labs Tokyo

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