Tokyo French Networking Group

Please refer to the web site.
We are based in Tokyo.
But we will expand worldwild when the right time will come.

We are an open community, not around a special topic like cooking or gaming, high tech.
The speakers will give their talks in English most of the time.

We host completely different type of Event each time.
Please check the past and the future events. We will also have event without speakers, without clear purpose, other so specific, so restricted that it will be a little crowd.
Events you will be mailed about 3 or 4 times, and others, more concept friendly, that you will have to check on the list of events.

My purpose is really to do just the contrary of what internet do,
be near each other, speak, listen, laugh, be amazed
...but without any screen between us.

Please refer to the web site.

Past events

12 people participated
Softbank Head Office Training Center

42 people participated
Orange Labs Tokyo

1 person participated
Hobgoblin Shibuya British Pub

21 people participated
Tokyo Big Sight

33 people participated
Orange Labs Tokyo